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Because of our very high search engine rankings, we get a LOT of potential leads requesting our SEO services. This really gives us the luxury to choose the best possible clients. We only choose to work with businesses that will benefit form our services. Put simply, if you are interested in our SEO services we are interviewing you as much as you are interviewing us. That may sounds a bit arrogant, but the proof is in the pudding. We think its pretty easy to choose an SEO company. You do a Google search for SEO services in your area using any Keywords you think are relevant and choose the SEO company thats on top {Disclaimer} . Ok, so Google sometimes rotates the top three or four results, but you get the idea, if an SEO company can’t rank themselves for SEO services, then how do you expect them to rank your website in Google?

Who do you find more attractive?

  • Lara Bingle

  • Miranda Kierr

  • Delta Goodrem

What does this have to do with SEO you ask?


We are just so confident that we can rank your website better than anyone else, that we can waste your time rating
Australia’s hottest celebrities.

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Boost SEO was recently awarded “The best SEO company in existence” and “The most attractive staff members to lower taxes and win olympic gold”. Both awards are proudly sponsored by BoostSEO.

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At Boost SEO, we realise that its not always wildly successful SEO campaigns with self evident results that convince people to call us. Often its fancy graphics that tell you self proclaimed platitudes that put your mind at ease.

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